Public Viewing of the Ghana-Germany match with our beneficiaries.

On the 21st June of 2014 Ghana and Germany met in the World Cup.

Since this organization has a close contact to Germany and the volunteers and the current manager are German as well, this was a perfect opportunity for an outing. We invited all our beneficiaries in the house and all former ones we could reach to celebrate this event with us in T-Havannah, Tema.


Arrived in the T-Havanna we searched for some seats since it was already crowded. The atmosphere was very intense and all of us were excited for the upcoming match. The people sang and loughed and when the match started, it grew quiet.

But not for too long. At the first chance of Ghana everyone was jubilating and cheering.

When Germany scored the first goal of the match silence gre again around the seats. Just our German staff members were now cheering but compared to the Ghanians it was more like a harrumph.


Not too long and Ghana equalized and the celebration was unbelievable. The people danced on tables, hugged each other and cheered. The same, just 3 times stronger happenend when Ghana scored again.

It was clear again. football is not just a exciting sport but also emphasizes the sense of unity around the people.

The equalizer and last goal in this match was a perfect ending for our organization. German and Ghanian member could be happy and our beneficiaries had a nice and somehow unusual evening. It felt like all of us grew even closer together.


We thank God for this nice evening and the outcome und hope that Germany and Ghana will meet in 4 years again, but then in the final.



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