Closing of the year 2014 with beneficiaries at Ayikuma 

It was for sure the highlight of the week not only for all our beneficiaries, but equally for the staff members just before Xmas. On Saturday the 20th of December we celebrated our closing of the year 2014 with the beneficiaries at Ayikuma. During the drive, a free and happy atmosphere was exhibited amidst singing (jama) and excitement especially by the new beneficiaries the closer we came to Ayikuma. They asked over and over, “Are we already there?” one even asked if we were still in Ghana. When we finally arrived at the site nobody was sitting on his seat anymore, but rather all the boys were standing at the window and watching the site. After getting out of the bus all the kids ran towards the gate and wanted to explore the land by themselves.

In March, 2014, all the beneficiaries planted over 250 mango trees and each of them adopted one mango tree to take care of.  Today we again captured a picture of every beneficiary with his or her mango tree for them to see the progress. After this the new ones and the volunteers also got to choose their own mango tree which they will take care of in the future. The older beneficiaries helped with some activities whiles the younger ones could just explore the land and enjoy the nice and sunny day.

After the work was finally done we all shared the local dish “Kenkey” with beans stew together and used the opportunity to get closer to each other and feel as one big family.

When we came back to the Centre in the evening we watched some pictures from the year 2014 and enjoyed soft drinks together. When the picture show was over we all danced together and enjoyed this nice evening. After all it was an amazing day which was also a great closing of the year 2014. Now we are all looking forward to the New Year 2015 which will hopefully be as successful as this year was!


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