Rays of Hope Centre Screening Day

An old Latin aphorism says: “A healthy mind in a healthy body.” Meaning, you can only develop your mind well if your body is healthy. We are sharing this philosophy and that is why we are highly concerned about our beneficiaries’ condition. To have the opportunity to medically screen them once a while has always been an important target of Rays of Hope Centre. Through the effort of a former beneficiary, a first Health Screening Day in our Centre has taken place.

Since the beginning of 2015, Justice, who is currently working at Tema General Hospital as a laboratory assistant, has brought the idea and effort, planned and organized between the managing director of ROHC and a doctor friend of him to arrange a new step into a new era of health screening in ROHC. The staff and the parents/relatives of the beneficiaries have contributed their part in having a valid Health Insurance Card for almost all of 28 beneficiaries selected for the health screening. Finally, we were able to fix and prepare our program day.

On a Saturday afternoon, 21st February, 2015, Dr. Kenneth Missah, House Officer in Tema General Hospital was spending his precious time in our Centre “First Contact Place” to check up all our beneficiaries for their health condition. Preparations for this event already started some days before as Justice took blood and urine samples of the boys to test them in “his” lab at General Hospital for diseases such as Hepatitis, Typhus, Syphilis, HIV, sickle cell anaemia and bilharzia.

While doing his work Justice had to consider all challenges of excuses “why not being available for the samples”. One of the youngest was smart enough, to submit tab water instead of his urine. Nevertheless Justice was finally able to test true samples of all the 28, aged between 6 and 25.

At around 12 noon, parents and relatives of the beneficiaries came gradually into the Centre to join their wards during the checkup. The event started on the second floor of the First Contact Place where the staff welcomed all parents and beneficiaries.

During the welcome ceremony, there was an opening prayer and singing of various songs included. Subsequently the staff introduced Dr. Missah to the parents and beneficiaries and Justice explained the process of examination and tests to them.

Dr. Missah started to examine the first beneficiaries by checking their blood pressure, heartbeat and observing the pulse rate. Furthermore he checked for abdominal abnormalities or stomach pains.

In groups of 5 beneficiaries and parents/relatives they were queuing in the “waiting hall” in front of the “examination room”.

During the checkups, the other beneficiaries started to dance to music on the second floor of the FCP and enjoyed together with smaller siblings of them. Moreover, the parents had the chance to come into closer contact with each other and had a lot of nice conversations. Refreshment was served additionally so that nearly some forgot to go for their checkup. After about 3 to 4 hours of time Dr. Missah had finally checked up all the beneficiaries.

After reviewing the screening process with Dr. Missah and Justice we could gratefully notice that none of our wards has a serious health problem.

Reflecting the day together with the staff members of the Rays of Hope Centre we concluded a successful program with a high importance. Additionally we noticed a positive side action in bringing wards and parents and parents with parents together.

Special thanks go to Dr. Missah and Justice, who made this Health Screening Day possible for our organization. May God bless you!


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