Holy Thursday with Father Ellis

As part of the yearly religious programmes, the Centre organised the second washing of the feet service with Father Ellis of St. Gabriel's Anglican Church, Ashaiman on Holy Thursday. The organisation was honoured by his interest and commitment to the Centre in collectively instilling moral and social values to our beneficiaries.

Prior to the programme, especially for new beneficiaries, they were given an insight on the “washing of the feet service” as Jesus did to His disciples. Its significance, purpose and benefit to the Centre were some issues highlighted during the discussion. Six (6) boys and girls whose feet would be washed by Father Ellis were selected at random.

The service started with an opening prayer and praise and worship led by a beneficiary. Beneficiaries and staff were all happy for this special service amidst singing and dancing.

In introducing the priest, the Educational Officer made known how important the service was to Christians in commemorating the death and resurrection of our lord and saviour Jesus and His love for the world.

Father Ellis was happy to come and wash the feet of twelve beneficiaries for the second time at the Centre. He also reiterated on the reason why Jesus Christ had to wash the feet of His disciples, that is, to show the love He has for them. In his brief sermon, Father Ellis told beneficiaries that, irrespective of their backgrounds', they are very special in the eyes of God and for that matter he has come to also show his love to them.

He anointed the water and the towel to be used. He then started to wash the feet of the male beneficiaries then to the females. During that time, the Centre Manager led the house in worship songs. Father Ellis, after anointing the twelve (12) then anointed all beneficiaries and staff, including volunteers.

After the activities of the service, Father Ellis then said the benediction to all present and the service came to a close.


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