Graduation of Oppong Henry

The graduation Ceremony was held for Oppong Henry after completion of his 2 Years apprenticeship of farming at WEM, Ayikuma. During the time, he was responsible for the maintenance and management of the mango plantation, vegetable garden, livestock and perennial crops.

The ceremony started with a mass service at the St Paul’s Catholic Church in Ayikuma. Beneficiaries, staffs and well wishers including the congregation of the church were all present.

After mass service, part of the congregation escorted the ROHC family to WEM Centre were the occasion was held.

As part of the activities for the ceremony, Henry was tested about his knowledge he had acquired during the period by the Farm Manager, Jonathan. His smart outfit and ease of answering questions showed the commitment and discipline to which he attached to his training.

The MD of ROHC presented gifts to him on behalf of ROHC. After the presentation, he was immediately powdered by staffs and beneficiaries; meaning victory in the Ghanaian context

The programme came to an end with a good lunch of fufu served. Oppong and the rest of the beneficiaries, staff, friends and love ones danced to the tune of music expressing their excitement.


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