A Class Observation Study

In a step to introduce our new beneficiaries to a formal environment of teaching and learning, we sent them to a class observation study at St Mary’s International School, here in Ashaiman. It is a high standard school with qualified teachers and facilities.


ROHC’s relationship with St Mary’s International School has intensified over the years. The school has made significant achievements in supporting the Centre in donating food and sanitary items. This is a commendable effort of the headmaster, teachers and pupils in practicing social responsibility and commitment.

On Thursday, 18th February 2016 at 9.00am all 13 beneficiaries who joined in the 2015/16 academic year were well prepared with books and pencils in their gallant ROHC polo shirts. The beneficiaries, together with the teaching staff of internal pre-school classes went to the school, placed only some minutes away from First Contact Place (FCP).

Our beneficiaries were shown their respective classes according to their level in pre-classes by the teachers of St Mary’s school, after a warm reception. Hasia, Jeremiah, Naomi and Deborah attended class 2. Joseph, Joyce, Cynthia, Selasie and Bala went to class 4, and Aliim, Naomi and the two sisters, Yaa and Eva went to class 5. 

All our beneficiaries participated with full motivation in the lessons and the other children helped them very kindly if they had problems. During break, the pre-classes instructors of ROHC shared drinks and biscuits among the beneficiaries.

School officially closed at 3.00 pm.


In the evaluation session with our beneficiaries, there were a lot of impressions; some who have never been to school before, saw for the first time how school life is; others were reminded about what is waiting for them when they go back to school.


One thing is for sure; their goal to go to school is now even more in sight, which motivates them in their time and efforts to perform better in pre-classes.


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