Creative Arts Workshops in FCP and WEM Centre

In the last term of the academic year 2015/2016, our volunteers Hannah and Claudia started a creative arts workshop each in FCP and WEM Centre, together with local staff. Both workshops were held twice a week but had different topics. The main goal was to diversify the offer of activities in the leisure time of the children, where they can have fun and freely express their creativity. Furthermore, it works hand in hand with the embellishment of our Centres, as the results of both workshops are real eye-catchers. 


In FCP the children stayed longer for the workshop after the pre-classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. There the children had to paint the Rays of Hope Logo on canvases with a special method so called "grid magnification". The 90cm×130cm logo is made out of 12 small canvases, whereat every child had his or her own canvas. As example they had the logo on an A4 sheet, which was also divided into 12 pieces. In this task our beneficiaries had to work together and learn to be patient. Furthermore it trained their motor abilities and their concentration.

The Volunteers and the Pre-Class Teacher are introducing the workshop

Before they started to paint on the expensive canvases they did one try on normal white sheets of paper. They started by drawing their part of the logo on the paper. This step took several sessions since they always had to check if their drawing fits with the drawing of the others. After that, they could colour it with colour pencils to see how it will look like in the end. 


The next step was tracing. The papers were fixed on the canvases and the children had to trace the lines whereby the outlines appeared on the canvas. But before they could finally paint on them, they had to accustom themselves to the acrylic paint: Two more sessions were needed where most of them worked with brushes and acrylic paint for the first time. Finally the last session had come and they had to prove on the canvases what they have learned. The project was ended by hanging the whole art work on the wall above the dining table.

The children were very happy and proud of their work. They worked in a team where everyone had to participate to make the whole thing complete. 

In WEM Centre the workshop took place on Saturdays and Sundays. Our beneficiaries learned how to weave and how to build their own weaving loom. Here their handcraft skills and their motor abilities were trained as well as their power of concentration.

The first sessions included the building of the weaving looms: Two children had to work together to prepare the basis for the weaving.


After that they could start the weaving. For that conventional wool was used in different colours. Most of them already knew the method theoretically from their creative arts lessons and could now practice it in reality.

After training the basics and a lot of patience, they learned different techniques to create their own designs on the looms. In the end the woven items were taken off and the volunteers hung them on the wall in the dining hall. This last step was done without the children as a surprise for them; by the time they see the final result, Claudia and Hannah will already be back in Germany.

Our beneficiaries couldn't get enough of this work and even planned to build their own loom in the house during vacations. 

It makes the children and the facilitators very proud to see their own small piece of cloth hanging on the wall. To achieve that, they had to work together with a partner but also independently and concentrated.

The two workshop ended successfully with the ending of the academic year and the children are looking forward to another workshop in the upcoming academic year. Thanks to the facilitators who also put in a lot of effort to make it successful.


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