End of 2016 Academic Year Programme

On the 28th and 29th of July 2016 it was time to celebrate the end of the academic year 2015/ 2016, the first year spent in the new Centre (WEM) and the end of the pre – classes for the new beneficiaries in FCP. 


But the program also embodied a point of farewell: Bro. Peter Adu who had worked for years in the project which he once joined as beneficiary resigned from his position as Pre – Classes Teacher and Maintenance Officer in FCP. On behalf of the entire family of ROHC, including our fathers in Germany, our MD, Bro. Jan expressed words of appreciation for his contributions, that ROHC is proud of him and wished him everything possible best for his future mission.

Furthermore, end of August our volunteers Claudia, Carsten and Hannah will go back to Germany after one year living and working with us in Ashaiman and Ayikuma. During the mass, which was held in FCP by Father Eric from Blessed Clementina Catholic Church to start the program, the staff and all beneficiaries send their personal wishes and prayers for them and their further way in life. It was a nice beginning of the program; also marked by emotions.

After enjoying a delicious dinner all came back on the top of FCP to sing, dance and laugh as well as to thank for a wonderful time shared together. As one of the highlights a musical surprise presentation came up in form of a spontaneously formed band with Bro. Richmond, our Administrator on Keyboard, Bro Peter on drums/vocals and Bro. Jan himself on guitar/vocals. Within their presentation of three songs our ROHC hymn was included and everybody was joining. The joy in making and sharing music together continued with a presentation of an own composed gospel song of Bro. Paul Tanity, our former beneficiary and “Artist”.

Hence the next day could be started with a common devotion and a strengthening breakfast, all children stayed overnight in FCP; a small highlight for all: those of WEM-Centre to come back to their old “crime scenes” and the new beneficiaries that have all performed their year successfully coming from homes on daily basis.


Whereupon, the ROHC family moved to the Labadi-beach in Accra accompanied by drum music and singing.

On the beach many activities were offered like treasure hunting, tug war and football, building sandcastles, horse ridingand swimming in the sea.

As a memento of this year the volunteers were presented with Ghanaian flags signed by staff and beneficiaries.

Finally, the program ended with a visit of the Kotoka International Airport which was planned as a first point of our outing but due to security exercises it had to be shifted. Although everybody was already tiered coming from the beach the interest and questions came up more and more as we were guided through every part and the whole process of check-in for an international flight. It was informative enough to reflect the guidance with the beneficiaries after vacation as they were asked to be prepared. Back in Ashaiman the beneficiaries went to their various homes where they spend the vacations. Those who are in corresponding age do an internship to get some practical experiences.  

Moreover, follow – ups of all children are done by the entire staff members from WEM- and FCP Centre for the duration of their stay with their relatives to ensure a safe and successful development of the child and re – integration into the society.

A diversified program full of fun, information and impressions rounded and completed  a successful academic year with many activities, progress and HOPE for the future. 

Thank you once again Bro. Peter, thank you Claudia, Carsten and Hannah!

May God reconcile us all.


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