Rearing of Grass Cutters in WEM Centre

After intensive preparation and helping hands, we could finally start rearing grass cutters on our farm in WEM Centre, Ayikuma in July 2016.


Grass cutter meat is known as a coveted delicacy and one of the finest bush meats. The rearing on our farm shall strengthen the independence of ROHC by being a source of income. Furthermore, the project serves as an informal education to our beneficiaries and contributes to the future development of WEM Centre.


The first preparations for the grass cutter project already started at the beginning of the year 2016. The male Care Giver, Daniel Oykere completed an advanced training for grass cutter rearing, where he was trained in feeding, keeping and treatment. When we finally met a generous donor-organisation called RED CHAIRity in June, we could start the building of the structure for sheltering.

Together with other workers and some highly motivated children who voluntarily participated, the structure was completed within a short time.

Finally in July, the whole building was ready for the arrival of the animals and the welder had finished their cages. On 28th July, 2016 twenty (20) animals were transported to WEM Centre and the grass cutter rearing was successfully dedicated. 


Through the grass cutter project the beginning of an immensely growing business was established. Within the next two years it will have had refinanced itself and will be a save and attractive source of income. We hope of the best development of the animals and thank the donor, RED CHAIRity for their support.


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