5 new beneficiaries enrolled into formal school

We are so proud that another five Beneficiaries are going to school for the 2016/17 academic year. Cynthia, Ibrahim, Jeremiah, Naomi Agbashie and Naomi Sebie have been with ROHC for exactly one year. After Bro Tetteh our Fieldworker picked them up from Ashaiman's streets, they arrived here in ROHC's First Contact Place (FCP). Their education level varied. Some were able to read a little and some did not even know the alphabets and basic addition and subtraction. During Pre-School Classes in our First Contact Place, they were taught English, Mathematics and Moral Education so that all of them are now able to read and write and be enrolled into school. Together with their families, the contracts for basic education sponsorship was signed.

Both Naomis, Jeremiah and Cynthia are now in class 3 of Holy Gabriel Anglican School Complex in Ashaiman while Ibrahim is in the third class of Agrivision school in Tema. 


Their journey to be able to join school was often not easy as 5 of them couldn't continue to complete Pre-School Classes. The most difficult part was to stay motivated, concentrated and encouraged. But all of us and especially the beneficiaries themselves did their best and we have the greatest hopes for them.


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