Enrollment of 20 new beneficiaires into our First Contact Place

We are so proud to announce that another 20 new beneficiaries from the streets of Ashaiman and its environs arrived in our First Contact Place (FCP) in Ashaiman for the 2016/17 academic year. The scanning for the new ones took our Field and Reintegration Officer 4-5 months. They are between 7 and 15 years old and some have been to school already. Others have to start from scratch by learning basic English language, addition and subtraction.

Our Fieldworker Bro. Tetteh met them working on the streets of Ashaiman far into the night and under bad conditions in their young and vulnerable ages. A few of our beneficiaries even had to sleep on the streets all alone where the  danger of becoming a victim of criminals or being abused is high.

Moreover, these children  didn't get any education and without that they would possibly never find a way out of working at the market. Some parents are dependent on their children's income to support the family  Others do not have any caring relatives, lack of parental care and guidance or they ran away from home because of other problems within the family making them uncomfortable to stay

But nevertheless Bro. Tetteh was able to get in contact with those children and build up a relationship based on confidence and care. It took some time but he met their relatives and was able to convince them of letting ROHC help their children. Most of them were cooperative, but some of them needed more time to raise their trust in ROHC. But finally they had a meeting with ROHC and we found a solution together for the child's future.


Most of the beneficiaries entered our pre-school classes so that they will be sent to school next year. The rest of them were  sent back to their parents, who are able to send them to school without ROHC's support and sponsorship. In both cases, Bro. Tetteh will do follow-ups regularly so that we make sure the beneficiary  do not go back to the streets  again and for us to observe the child's social, mental and educational development.

We as the ROHC staff team are giving our very best to care for them and we trust that every one of them is one of our little Rays of Hope that leads into a brighter future!


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