Xmas programme with a surprise

On Saturday the 17th of December, the whole Rays of Hope family celebrated Christmas and the end of the first academic term in WEM-Centre, Ayikuma. The action was planned by a special committee, which consisted of Sister Tonia, ROHC Programme Organiser, Bro Ibrahim,  Pre-school Class Teacher, Sister Lizzy, FCP  cook, Auntie Maggie, Volunteers''s cook, and two volunteers, Kathrin and Sabrina.

The Programme started on the 16th of December, when our beneficiaries from FCP had a sleepover at First Contact Place. After a nice evening, full of fun, we drove all together to Ayikuma early in the next morning to experience an unforgettable celebration.

Our new beneficiaries from FCP did not know the ones in Ayikuma yet, but after a few moments they opened up and started the day together with a devotion. Bro Daniel and Bro Oppong introduced the guests from Ashaiman to the farm in WEM. The children especially, liked our grass cutters.

We went on with some dancing competitions when suddenly unexpected guests arrived. The Gyassie Foundation is a group of young people with big selfless hearts and the strong will to support social institutions . For that reason, they decided to buy many donations and start a journey to give all these items to an organisation  . By chance they saw our sign board and stopped at our Centre. Our staff team was positively surprised by that, but we were able to show that we can work perfectly together in such unexpected situations by rearranging our programme spontaneously and celebrating together with them. The Gyassie Foundation provided snacks and drinks and we had a good time with them. They left many food and sanitation items and we are sure to stay in good contact with the Gyassie Foundation.

Afterwards we went on with a delicious many-sided meal, which was prepared by our cooks Auntie Maggie and Auntie Lizzy who were supported by Sister Mavis and some of our beneficiaries. Everyone enjoyed the day so far. But another highlight of the day were the football matches in the afternoon. Two groups of our younger beneficiaries started and later on a group of former and older beneficiaries in tertiary level played against the elder WEM-football-team.

The day ended with a light and nutritious supper and a photo gallery, which was shown to our beneficiaries, who always love to see some of their pictures from the past years.

The entire ROHC family slept over in WEM Centre and went together to Sunday mass in Dodowa the next morning.

After that, all of us went back to Ashaiman. The children from WEM andFCP started their vacation and stay with their families now.


In conclusion, we can say that we had a successful, fun filled and uniting programme all together. We are looking forward to similar actions in the future and wish all of you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!!!


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