Working hand in hand: An older beneficiary supports ROHC

Report on the activities for the children of Rays of Hope Centre

by Justice Mensah Boto on the 27th January to 11th February 2017


Movie and Talk Show:


On the 27th of January 2017 and 28th of January there was a movie show at FCP and WEM respectively for the children in both Centres. An animated educative movie titled Zootopia about a bunny who didn’t give up on her dreams to become a police officer and worked hard to see her dream come true. The children in both Centres enjoyed the movie as it was paused and explained so that everyone can follow and also ask and answer some questions. I am very happy they all learned some lessons from this movie.

Quiz and Scrabble Competition:


The quiz and scrabble competition was held on the 3rd of February in WEM and 4th of February in FCP. This program taught the children how to spell and know new words for both the seniors and the juniors. There were two groups in both Centres. And members were each selected from each group to compete against each other in the scrabble and in the quiz.


The quiz had questions from English, mathematics, science, current affairs and questions about Rays of Hope Centre. Prizes were given to the participants and also everyone present. The best groups were also announced and rewarded.

Health Screening:


On the 9th of February 2017 the health screening for WEM, Ayikuma was held and on the 10th of February at F.C.P, Ashaiman during which all the children in both Centres were screened.


The sample taking began at 7am after devotion and breakfast with the help from Brother Fuseini, Brother Daniel and Sister Kate and Sister Sandra. The children were very happy and the sample taking went on successfully Bro. Fuseini who is also a laboratory technician also helped with the sample taking.

Health Talk:


On the 11th of February we held the health talk and examination with the help of the leaders of Rays of Hope Centre. The Children from WEM, Ayikuma joined their brothers and sisters in FCP, where the program was held. The Families of the children were also present for the program. We talked on hepatitis and learned about the disease, how to prevent it and what to do if one has the hepatitis virus.


Parents were further advised to play their role in improving the health of their children. Questions and suggestions from staff, parents and children made this session a very interesting one.


After the talk, the children and their families present came to see the doctor with the results from the screening for examination and advice. With the help of Dr. Missah this procedure was very successful, helpful and educative as well for me and the children, leaders and the families present.


After the examination we also built the contact between the leaders of ROHC and Dr. Missah.

I must say I am very grateful and happy for the support given me and for the success of these wonderful activity.


God bless ROHC


First Contact Place (FCP)

Zongo-Laka, Ashaiman



Welfare, Empowerment and Mobility Centre (WEM)
Ayikuma, Dodowa




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