Excursion to Shai Hills

ROHC in its quest to provide hope to former marginalised street children in Ashaiman and its environs organised an excursion on 7th March, 2017 to the Shai Hills Forest Reserve.

Everything started on Monday with a sleepover at FCP. In the evening, all FCP-beneficiaries were taught how to identify antelopes, baboons, ostriches and zebras. They went to bed highly excited and motivated regarding the next day.

On the one hour drive to Shai Hills, the children raised the bus's mood by singing and clapping. When we reached the Shai Hills, we were welcomed by several baboons sitting, walking and climbing around the entrance. Our tour guide led us through the zebras and the ostriches enclosures and gave us interesting information about the animals.

Afterwards, we drove through the reserve to see some antelopes and the pretty landscape of the savanna, until we reached a rock of about 60 metres high, which the entire group was able to climb. Years ago, the Shai tribe used to perform puberty rites for girls there, locally called dipo. The girls lived on this rock to learn cooking, washing and other household tasks.

Our last stop of the tour was a cave, in which one of the tribes used to live. We made our way up the rocky path to see the former natural stool of the chief. Of course, all the children were allowed to sit on it and to direct some wise words to their friends from up there. In this cave were also 2 chambers where the Shais used to live in. Unfortunately, one chamber is occupied by termites and the other one is now the habitat of bats, so we could not enter.

After three hours of walking, climbing, learning and having fun, everyone was quite exhausted and we enjoyed delicious Kenkey with stew and fish, our cook had prepared in advance.

Before we went home happily and satisfied, a choir from Germany, who was visiting the Shai Hills Forest Reserve as well by chance, was donating some nicely prepared rice to ROHC and we sang together.

One could really see the joy of the children on our way back to Ashaiman: Everyone was singing and clapping throughout the whole bus drive.


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