Easter Picnic with our beneficiaries

Easter Picnic with our beneficiaries

On the 17th April, 2017, the whole ROHC family celebrated Easter Monday with a picnic. The children just vacated from school and our wards in WEM Centre went to their families in Ashaiman. All beneficiaries from both Centres and the staff met at FCP in the morning. From there we went together to Blessed Clementina parish in Ashaiman Middle East where the programme started with a mass.


It is part of the socialisation of our former street children to get in touch with other children from more stable families. On that day, lots of games were organised and after a while the children mingled with the crowd and participated in several entertaining programmes.


The parishioners got aware of our organisation as the bright blue ROHC shirts could be seen all over the place.


The good music, bouncing castle and other fun activities also added to the good mood of the day and after some hours on the Blessed Clementina compound our wards were happy, fulfilled and ready to spend time with their families.


We are all looking forward to the third term with many more joyous and lovely moments together.


Happy Easter to all friends of Rays of Hope Centre!



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