Support for ROHC - Learning from a psychologist

It must have been fortune that one afternoon three visitors came to FCP to ask whether they can take a picture of the surrounding from the top of FCP for a programme. The men introduced themselves; they were working for unicef to create awareness for a better sanitation for the community. One of them, Dr Innocent Kamara, was attending mass at the same parish as some of ROHC’s beneficiaries and the volunteers. He is a psychologist and came from Uganda to work in Ghana for about nine months.


Several weeks later, ROHC needed professional help from a psychologist for a special case. When Dr Kamara was asked, he immediately agreed to volunteer his time and wisdom and a meeting took place only a few days later.


As Dr Kamara got to know the project and ROHC’s unique children better, he offered to spend some time with us in both centres before going back to Uganda.


So, on the 3rd, 5th and 6th May, he came to FCP and WEM Centre. Having talks with our children as well as with the staff members, he provided hope and motivation to everyone. While the staff members got deeper into some key principles how to handle our special precious children, the beneficiaries learned to value one another better. Dr Kamara impressed and inspired us and we keep his dedication for ROHC in a very good memory.


As the saying goes, "we always meet twice in a lifetime. We said goodbye to Dr Kamara and are looking forward to stay in touch with him.



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