Motivation and inspiration for our children - a talk with soldiers

Motivation and inspiration for our children - a talk with soldiers

On 13th March 2017, four soldiers from Accra paid a visit to our First Contact Place.


The four of them are all in a way related to the 37 Military Hospital in Accra and were asked to come around to have a talk to our beneficiaries about motivation, discipline and a focus for their life.


Once they met our highly-excited children in the afternoon, the soldiers gave a short introduction about themselves and asked the children to do the same. When mentioning their dream jobs for their future, every beneficiary was encouraged by our guests who tried to set the children’s focus on their individual aim.


One of the soldiers narrated that he shared the destiny of our beneficiaries. His parents did not have enough money to send him to school, so he decided to earn his own money to pay his school fees. He worked and studied hard and today he has a stable job and a good life. With that he showed how life can be for our beneficiaries in the future.


Every child was very attentive for the whole time and many of them showed their interest by asking lots of questions.


Highly motivated, the children and the soldiers went home. We are looking forward to plan a similar programme for our wards in WEM Centre, Ayikuma.



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