End of the academic year and volunteers' farewell programme

Another school year is now over and all our beneficiaries were promoted to the next class. Furthermore, the new beneficiaries in FCP completed their one year of internal pre-school classes successfully and we are looking forward to enroll them into school next academic term.


To celebrate this, all children, staff members and older beneficiaries met in WEM-Centre on Friday, the 28th July. The day started with breakfast followed by a mass and went on with a football match. Emotions raised high when the beneficiaries’ team met the staff team. In the end the beneficiaries scored the staff and got a trophy.


In the evening some awards were shared to the beneficiaries who performed very well socially or academically within the academic  year. After some singing, playing, acting and dancing everyone went to bed happily.


Saturday started with a morning jogging. As a uniting measure, the whole ROHC family went out for a jog together. Afterwards, we went for an excursion to Akosombo dam as an educational aspect, where we had an interesting tour and went to Sajuna beach to enjoy ourselves.


Here, the volunteers submitted some presents to the Centres. A photo album, a memory game and an activity game were given to Bro Richmond, Bro Tetteh and Sister Tonia on behalf of the children. Moreover, ROHC presented Ghana flags and locally made beads as memories to the volunteers as well.


We are fulfilled with joy that we worked together as a family for another year. May God bless ROHC!



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