Workshop on teaching and care giving


On the 13th October 2017 the ROHC Team had a workshop about teaching and care giving. Mrs. Grace Chindor ( teacher since 30 years) came to the workshop to share her experiences with us. She encouraged staff members  to provide beneficiaries an  enabling environment to facilitate teaching and learning. Moreover, Ms Chindor gave some hints how to motivate a child by talking about the participatory learning methods.

 “I don’t see any child troublesome. Look at the way you treat every child. Let them notice your passion and show them many different ways of learning.”- Grace Chindor

The workshop continued with a presentation from Mr. Robert Mensah – a social worker. He talked about the meaning of marginalized, street and vulnerable children as well as the duties of a caregiver. After that we learned about the ‘love tank theory’ which says that every child has a love tank that needs to be filled. If it cannot be filled, there will arise many difficulties in their behaviour and development. But if it is filled the child can develop good.

“All children need to feel a sense of personal worth and unconditional love to have a positive sense of identity.”- Robert Mensah

 At the end of the workshop, all staff members learned many new ways of handling a child and their involvement in the teaching and learning process.


For the future the whole Team wants to make use of what has been learned, so we can support the development of each child in the best way.


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