Pillars of WEM

WELFARE: A beneficiary receives the general and basic welfare that children and youngsters

 need and deserve.


EMPOWERMENT: To help beneficiaries find their interest and talents, and desires for essential and practical skills, with workshops that serve the needs of the community.


MOBILITY: To enable beneficiaries to find their own way and mobility after proper training/apprenticeship/qualification

WEM is situated off the Dodowa-Somanya highway at the out skirts of the Ayikuma township. WEM since September 2015 serves as a temporal shelter for our male and female beneficiaries.


A mango plantation, vegetable garden, football Park, volleyball pitch and the 2 dormitories are some activities started on the 10 acre plot. The location of WEM is surrounded by natural environment where one can have a good view of the Larteh Ridge.


Our beneficiaries live and stay at WEM during school terms and come home for vacations to their parents and relatives. They all attend the St Peter's Catholic Basic School in Ayikuma. From Monday to Friday, they are engaged in 90 minutes of preps supervised by the Educational Officer and the volunteers.


On Fridays and Saturdays, they are engaged in extra curriculum activities such as football and volley ball as well as practical skills training as they assist in the farm with farm work, in that case, they grow what they eat.



First Contact Place (FCP)

Zongo-Laka, Ashaiman



Welfare, Empowerment and Mobility Centre (WEM)
Ayikuma, Dodowa





P.O. Box 803

Valco-Flat, Ashaiman

Ghana, West-Africa


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