Name: Jan Mühlenbrink

With ROHC Team since: February 2013 (2000/01 as a volunteer)

Position: Managing Director

Motivation: Giving young people the chance for a brighter future is not easy to fulfill, a big responsibility and a great honor. You can fail your aim out of many reasons. Gratefulness of those who succeed is a huge reward, but should not be expected.


Motto: Freely you have received; freely give. (Mt 10:8)

Name: Margaret Naana Akotia

With ROHC Team: Since September 2009
Position: Domestic Cook


I am with ROHC to make people (the Volunteers) happy, healthy and strong.


Motto: 1 Corinthians 10:31: So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

Name: Richmond Tetteh Agamloh Jnr

With ROHC Team: Since September 2015 (Intern 2014/15)

Position: Administrator/Fund raiser


Children are so full of potentials and capabilities, I feel so honoured to have the opportunity to enable them reach their potentials to the best.

Name: John Tetteh Obikyere

With ROHC Team since: Since September 2015 (field volunteer 2011-2015)

Position: Field & Reintegration Officer

Motivation: As I was once sleeping and working on the street, it gives me much joy to rescue the children living on the streets.

Motto: Serving (you) is my priority.

Name: Fuseini Amadu

With ROHC Team since: 2015

Position: WEM Centre Administrator


The work gives me more experience. I learn how to handle children but I also learn from them and they learn from me.

Name: Anthonia Ifeoma Orji

With ROHC Team: Since November 2015
Position: Educational Officer


Impacting knowledge and morals to the young ones and seeing them grow and develop gradually gives me joy and fullfillment in knowing  that the future is secure and it is an assurance that we have a brighter future for the next generation.

Motto: Giving up in the mist of challenges means that God does not exist...

Name: Sandra Akutei

With ROHC Team: Since February, 2016
Position: WEM Cook / Female Caregiver


The moment I came into ROHC, I feel in love with the project. My joy is in the happiness of these children.

Name: Elizabeth Adzakra

With ROHC Team: Since March, 2016
Position: FCP Cook


Children in this state lack, love, good care and responsibility, and above all a decent and healthy food. I feel motivated to provide them with healthy food and a motherly love; that they may be lacking. This will enable them to be good future leaders.

Name: Emmanuel Odei

With ROHC Team: Since June 2017

Position: Male Care giver

Motivation: People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do it.


Name: Benedicta Aisha Amegashitsi

With ROHC Team: Since June 2017

Position: Pre-School Class Teacher

Motivation: Being a role model to others is my priority. I will love to bring out the best in the children because they have a great future.


Motto: Do unto others what you want others to do to you.

Name: Judith Atsu

With ROHC Team: since September 2017

Position: Female Caregiver


Motivation: I like being around children. It fills me with happiness to see them laughing and improving. 

Name: Hanna Reisch

With ROHC Team: Since September 2017

Position: Volunteer


Motivation: To see the children I am working with learning and developing more and more every day is my biggest motivation. They have already become family to me. 

Name: Sarah Winter

With ROHC Team: Since September 2017

Position: Volunteer

Motivation: My main motivation is to work together with the children not only as their teacher but also as a friend. To see them develop and reach far is a great feeling.

Name: Isabelle Illig 

With ROHC Team: Since September 2017

Position: Volunteer

Motivation: My motivation to be a volunteer is to work with children and help them to develop good so that they can have a more independent future. 


Name: Lena Schönebeck

With ROHC Team: Since September 2017

Position: Volunteer

Motivation: I want to work in a project that really affects the children's life. I want to see them develop, grow up in a safe environment and help them to take care of their great future.



First Contact Place (FCP)

Zongo-Laka, Ashaiman



Welfare, Empowerment and Mobility Centre (WEM)
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P.O. Box 803

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Ghana, West-Africa


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