17. May 2018
The 20 + 1 anniversary of Rays of Hope Centre was held on the 12th of May 2018 at WEM Centre, Ayikuma. The programme was attended by important dignitaries such as the president of the National Philanthropy forum, Dr Ben Ocra, Chief of Ayikuma, Nene Asafo-Adjei Ahugaja III and the Chairman of Aktion-Lichtblicke e.V Ghana, Fr Bernd. The program started with mass celebrated by Father Matthew of the St Agnes Catholic Church, Dodowa.

06. November 2017
Father Konrad Lienhard, born 16th November 1942 in Zunsweier, Germany is the founder of "Rays of Hope Centre". He established the project in Ashaiman, Ghana in 1997. With all his charisma to encourage people around him to join his mission, more than 2 million Euros have been raised for his second home in Ghana and lots of individuals have been affected and followed his footsteps. Since 1997, he has given beneficiaries the chance to go to school and hope for a more independent future. Moreover,...

25. October 2017
To be able to send children to school is one of our biggest aims, but before we can send our beneficiaries, they have to learn some basics. For that they attend the FCP where they are taught basic literacy and arithmetic skills. Patience, James and Augustine, between 13 and 16 years old showed determination, good moral behaviour, hard work and discipline. They were enrolled to go to school after half a year at the Holy Gabriel Anglican School Complex in Ashaiman.

20. October 2017
On the 13th October 2017 the ROHC Team had a workshop about teaching and care giving. Mrs. Grace Chindor ( teacher since 30 years) came to the workshop to share her experiences with us. She encouraged staff members to provide beneficiaries an enabling environment to facilitate teaching and learning. Moreover, Ms Chindor gave some hints how to motivate a child by talking about the participatory learning methods.

29. July 2017
Another school year is now over and all our beneficiaries were promoted to the next class. Furthermore, the new beneficiaries in FCP completed their one year of internal pre-school classes successfully and we are looking forward to enroll them into school next academic term. To celebrate this, all children, staff members and older beneficiaries met in WEM-Centre on Friday, the 28th July. The day started with breakfast followed by a mass and went on with a football match. Emotions raised high...

29. June 2017
10 months after ROHC published a proposal for street lights for WEM-Centre, we were able to finish the building process within just one week on Saturday, 29th July 2017. The WEM compound had always been very dark in the night. To prevent our children from wild animals and thieves, several donors were found in Germany and Nine new street lights were bought. They are now lightening the way from the road side to our dormitories. We are so happy to provide our children with better shelter and are...

27. May 2017
On Saturday, 27th May, our children planted together with ROHC’s farm team new trees on the WEM Compound. In the future, the trees will line the road to both dormitories, provide shade and will serve as wind breaks.

15. May 2017
Happily, we can announce, that another three of our beneficiaries were enrolled into school. Normally, ROHC’s new beneficiaries stay in the Centre for internal pre-school classes for one year before they are enrolled to school. But these 3 new beneficiaries, who were attending pre-school classes for about six months, got the permission to go to school for the third term of this academical year already.

08. May 2017
On 13th March 2017, four soldiers from Accra paid a visit to our First Contact Place. The four of them are all in a way related to the 37 Military Hospital in Accra and were asked to come around to have a talk to our beneficiaries about motivation, discipline and a focus for their life. Once they met our highly-excited children in the afternoon, the soldiers gave a short introduction about themselves and asked the children to do the same. When mentioning their dream jobs for their future, every...

06. May 2017
It must have been fortune that one afternoon three visitors came to FCP to ask whether they can take a picture of the surrounding from the top of FCP for a programme. The men introduced themselves; they were working for unicef to create awareness for a better sanitation for the community. One of them, Dr Innocent Kamara, was attending mass at the same parish as some of ROHC’s beneficiaries and the volunteers. He is a psychologist and came from Uganda to work in Ghana for about nine months.

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